Police ‘to get stink bombs’


A VERY offensive weapon could soon be added to
military and police arsenals: a potent ?stink bomb?
that overpowers rioters and demonstrators with
foul-smelling odours is being developed by scientists
in the United States.

The Pentagon has commissioned researchers to design a
universally unpleasant stench that incapacitates
people with nausea, while leaving them otherwise
unharmed, as an alternative to water cannon, rubber
bullets and teargas.

The stink bomb emits a reek of rotting rubbish, human
faeces and burning hair that stops people in their
tracks. The idea is to use it as a non-lethal weapon
for crowd and riots control without causing any
long-term injuries. Present methods have drawbacks:
teargas and CS gas can cause breathing troubles,
rubber bullets can kill; water cannon can cause impact

Scientists at Monell Chemical Senses Centre in
Philadelphia have been awarded a major contract by the
US Department of Defence to create the rancid odour.
Details of their research are published today in
Chemical and Engineering News, journal of the American
Chemical Society.