New software makes podcasts mobile

By Alex Veiga, AP Business Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A California company is hoping to tap into the
growing podcasting craze with software that enables mobile phone users
to stream audio files directly from their home computer.

Podcasts are recorded audio files downloaded over the Internet. They
can be stored on computers or transferred to digital music players like
Apple Computer Inc.'s iPod.

The software from Los Angeles-based Pod2Mob promises to enable mobile phone users to hear podcasts on their handsets, too.

Currently available for free as a Beta test download, the software
runs on Windows and Mac OX computers. The software relays the audio to
a mobile phone. An applet, or small computer program, that must be
loaded on the handset allows users to control which podcasts they want
to hear.

The company says streaming data requires less memory than downloading the full audio file.

“If you have a phone, you dont have to wait to sync,” said Brad Zutaut,
co-founder of Pod2Mob. “You can get the latest podcasts on the fly.”

But quality can vary depending on the computer's Internet connection, said spokesman Phil McGovern.

The company said the software should work on most Internet-enabled
handsets, though it has been tested only on handsets running on the
Sprint and Cingular wireless networks.