Saturday, May 6, 2006

Extremely Intense Texas Thunderstorms Force Anomaly Radio Off the ‘Airwaves’
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No, that’s not really the Anomaly Radio studios being hit. SOURCE

Twice in two days, extreme thunderstorms have forced the Anomaly Radio Network off the airwaves. The first time came just moments after The Perfect Storm hit South Austin and Austin International Airport.

The power went out at our studios just about as Continental Flight 3033 from Cleveland was on final approach. I was among the 60 or so passengers and crew who quite probably came close to death as we attempted to land just as the worst of the storm was hitting the airport. We were perhaps just over 100 yards from the tarmac, flaps and landing gear down when all hell broke loose and the plane swerved in every direction. Our pilot aborted landing at the last possible moment and as we steeply climbed up and to the right I suddenly saw the runway below, much closer than I realized we were. Above Austin International were the blackest, scariest clouds I have ever seen. As we continued hauling ass away from danger (and ultimately towards a 3-4 hour diversion to Houston) I continued watching some of the most extreme lightning I’ve seen in a long while.

Meanwhile, power wasn’t restored on our side of the street until 3pm the following day. Then later that evening we discovered our neighbors backyard tree had been burning from contact with electrical lines all evening and several large limbs had burned through and fallen to the ground on our property. The tree and lines continued to burn and sizzle throughout the night as we watched the light show and continually doused the area with water to keep everything from burning.

Then, early this morning I was woken from sleep by the sound of the next wave of storms rolling in. I jumped into action and shutdown the broadcast machines to protect them from more sudden power outages. Thankfully, the power never did go out this time but it was another exciting ride as we heard the winds lashing the trees again and even the sound of small hail battering the windows.

But we are back up and running now and all should be stable for a time.

SMiles – Founder of the Anomaly Radio Network

9:56:56 AM