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INACS and Austin IONS Present: Parapsychologist Dean Radin

Thursday, June 29, 2006

INACS and Austin IONS Present: Dean Radin at The Crossings!

JULY 21st – Science and Psychic Phenomena: Present Status and Future Prospects

Co-sponsored with The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) and the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) Dean Radin, Ph.D.

Our everyday experience of the world presents us with independent objects, separated in space and time. Our perspective of reality involves concepts such as cause-and-effect, force, and a persistent, stable reality. This worldview, learned early in life, is reinforced by Western education and society, and is taken for granted by most adults. Occasionally there are challenges to this worldview. One example is the development of quantum mechanics, which has dissolved most of the basic assumptions underlying common sense reality. Another is psychic phenomena, commonly reported but scientifically controversial. In this evening lecture, Dean Radin, a senior scientist with IONS, will present the possibility that psychic phenomena are the human experiences of quantum reality, as discussed in his new book, Entangled Minds. We will examine this idea by considering:

  • what quantum entanglement is
  • the fundamental differences between classical and quantum realities
  • the latest scientific evidence for psychic phenomena
  • why these effects are important

Course 05900-212, Tuition $15 | Tuition discounts are not available.

Dean Radin studies the nature of human consciousness, focused on phenomena such as intuition, gut feelings, and “psychic” phenomena. He is the cofounder of the Boundary Institute and is a senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

JULY 22nd – Entangled Minds: Understanding Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality

Co-Sponsored with The Institute for Neuroscience and Consciousness Studies (INACS) and the Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) Dean Radin, Ph.D.Nearly everyone has had the experience of knowing who[base ‘]s on the line before picking up the phone or dreaming events before they happen. Many scientists believe that such common experiences are due solely to coincidence, wishful thinking, and other delusions. That belief is driven strongly by the lack of a plausible theory for how such “psychic” experiences can exist, and not by the actual scientific evidence. This one-day workshop explores this evidence that some psychic phenomena do exist, and the possibility that a rational explanation for psychic phenomena may be on the horizon.

Course 05900-213, Tuition $95 | Housing fees; page 35. Tuition discounts are not available.

Dean Radin studies the nature of human consciousness, focused on phenomena such as intuition, gut feelings, and “psychic” phenomena. He is the cofounder of the Boundary Institute and the senior scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences

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Science & Psychic Phenomena Lecture / Entangled Minds Workshop

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Webster Griffin Tarpley Interviewed by Robert Larson

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Webster Griffin Tarpley Interviewed by Robert Larson

Webster Griffin Tarpley Interviewed by Robert Larson
9/11 Sythetic Terror – Made In USA
by Webster Griffin Tarpley –
Listen To Archived Show

The “9/11 Truth Movement” (those who do not accept the “official” version of what occurred on September 11th, 2001) has been growing by leaps and bounds and is concretizing into a full blown conference this weekend in Los Angeles. “The American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda” is being presented by alt. media icon and parapolitical researcher Alex Jones. Hear an interview with one of the conference presenters, Webster Tarpley who has written several books on geo-political matters and international fascism, including an unauthorized biography of George H. W. Bush. His latest work 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made In USA asks many distrubing questions and comes to even more disturbing conclusions. Gonzo alt. media proprietor and informationalist SMiles Lewis also joined in the discussion.

Out the Rabbit Hole with Robert Larson
Reality Slamming Gab & Jamming

6-7 pm
CST (Special Public Affairs Time)

8:53:20 PM

Grail and UFO Books Online

Friday, June 16, 2006

Free Book Download: The High History of the Holy Grail – right click on the link and save to disk.

Originally written in Old French, sometime in the early half of the 13th Century A.D., as a continuation of Chretien DeTroyes’ unfinished work “Perceval, or the Knight of the Grail”. Author unknown.

FREE! Download the Varo Edition of Morris K. Jessup’s book: The Case for the UFO – Just right click on the link and save the pdf file to your computer!

A member of the Quantum Future School painstakingly re-transcribed this edition with careful attention to all details and including all images scanned from the original book. This is the clearest and best edition of this work you will find.
FREE! Download Hervey Cleckley’s The Mask of Sanity. Just right click on the link and save the pdf file to your computer!

Several members of the Quantum Future School were involved in the production of this exact replication of the fifth edition of Cleckley’s masterpiece.

[check also our”THE PSYCHOPATH – The Mask of Sanity” page.]

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Attorneys Will Help Jailed China Activist Against Forced Abortions

Attorneys Will Help Jailed China Activist Against Forced Abortions

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by Steven Ertelt Editor
June 16, 2006

Beijing, China ( — Ignoring the potential danger and political troubles for themselves, a group of prominent Beijing lawyers have banded together to take up the case of Chen Guangcheng. Chen is a blind political activist who set off an international controversy when he exposed a Chinese city’s brutal forced abortion and sterilization campaign.The lawyers have formed a coalition to argue for Chen’s freedom. After spending months aft home under house arrest, reported earlier this week that Chinese police recently took him into custody.

Beijing lawyer Teng Biao, who has been helping Chen, told the Financial Times that 10 attorneys plan to ignore the potential risks and fallout and travel to Shandong, a large city south of Beijing, to argue his case and ask for him to receive fair treatment from the government.

“Our goal is to go there and state our position,” Teng told the Financial Times, adding that the attorneys would be there to “back up” the two main attorneys presenting Chen’s case. They will also step in if local officials prevent the pair from representing Chen.

Teng indicated there is a chance the attorneys could be assaulted for their participation and they or their families could face pressure from the government, including potential imprisonment.

“There’s definitely a chance they [the lawyers] will get beaten,” said Teng. “That’s something we are well-prepared for.”

Chen had been missing without his family or human rights campaigners knowing his whereabouts, but Chen’s wife, Yuan Weijing, confirmed he had been arrested. Police asked her to sign a document listing the charges against him. They include accusations that he intended to destroy public property and disrupt commerce and transport.

[base “]The charges are groundless,” Yuan told Asia News earlier this week.

The charges come from a protest in his hometown in February against his house arrest.

Chen, who is blind and an attorney himself, had been organizing a class action lawsuit against the city of Linyi at the time of his initial arrest.

Chen is credited with exposing a forced abortion and sterilization scandal in Linyi where 7,000 women had been forcibly aborted or sterilized. Anyone who attempted to flee was apprehended, beaten, and held hostage in city prisons until their relatives came forward and paid large fines for their release.

He exposed the events in interviews with Time Magazine and the Washington Post and local Linyi officials apprehended him shortly thereafter.

Chen’s freedom was restricted and he was arrested from a hiding place in Beijing by Linyi officials who say he provided “intelligence” to foreigners.

Chen and his wife and 71 year-old mother were under house arrest beginning in September last year. The officials cut his telephone lines and used specialized equipment to prevent him from using his cell phone.

Chen has been beaten twice when he’s attempted to leave and attorneys and supporters who have taken up Chen’s case have been attacked as well.

Linyi is a city of 10 million people 400 miles southeast of Beijing.

ACTION: Contact China’s embassy in the United States and encourage officials there to help Chen Guangcheng. You can find contact information at

Recent News Stories:
Activist Against Forced Abortions in China Sues Local Officials

China Authorities Close Down Law Firm Helping Forced Abortion Activist

Details of Forced Abortions in China Emerge as Blind Activist Detained
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Shandong police admit to arrest of activist after four months

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Shandong police admit to arrest of activist after four months

The province authorities confirmed the arrest of Chen Ghangcheng, a human rights activist renowned across the world for his campaign against coercive family planning. He has been missing since March.

Beijing (AsiaNews/Agencies) [^] Shandong police have admitted to having Chen Guangcheng, a world famous human rights activist, in custody. Guangcheng is renowned for his campaigns against coercive family planning by the Chinese government.

His wife, Yuan Weijing, confirmed his arrest after police yesterday asked her to sign a document listing charges against Chen: intending to damage public property and inciting people to disrupt transport. [base “]The charges are groundless,” said Yuan.

Lawyer, Teng Biao, said Chen [^] a 35-year-old, blind, self-taught legal expert [^] was [base “]in the hands of county, not national, police[per thou] and [base “]it’s possible he will be tried for these charges[per thou].

The activist was arrested together with two cousins of his on 11 March after several months of house arrest for having denounced a violent birth control campaign under way in Shandong.

Chen is known across the country for his work for people with disabilities and for his campaign again government birth control policies. He helped journalists of the Washington Post to unearth evidence of a coercive abortion campaign targeting women in Linyi, Shandong.

Thanks to the information he provided, the American newspaper was able to prove that in recent years, the authorities of central-eastern province had forcibly sterilized more than 7,000 people. After the allegations were published, China[base ‘]s Family Planning Agency was forced to admit, on 19 September last year, that some government representatives [base “]had carried out forced abortions and sterilizations in violation of citizens[base ‘] legal rights.[per thou]

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