BLUE ROSE REPORT #3 – Archive Now Online
Last night’s show was unscripted and very FUN! Friend and coconspirator Craig York called in and we began discussing Cryptozoology and anomalous animal behaviors in the news. We discussed the increase in public awareness of cryptozoology and the media’s playing up of animal news stories. We careened across continents discussing Central Texas cougar sightings, giant insect nests, Indian elephant rampages and rice beer (1998/99 and 2005/06), psychotic American raccoon gangs, manic monkeys, Texas Bigfoot & Ghost-Lights and much more!

Mack White called in and added to the discussion, starting the rampaging elephants thread and speaking of North Texas cougar sightings. Eventually my friend Jimmy called to chime in about Central Texas cougar sightings and by the end of the show we finally had our first “unknown” caller, Carlos, in the last five minutes of the show, inquiring about the conjunction of Bigfoot and UFO reports which we had briefly touched upon earlier. We mentioned local researchers such as Rob Riggs and more well known writers such as Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman who, once upon a time, wrote books connecting these two subjects.
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Anyway, take a listen to the online audio archive of the show available HERE (locally) and HERE (at Blog Talk Radio dot com).

 BTW – the Blue Rose Report blogsite is experiencing technical difficulties and may be available intermitantly.