Please Contact Your Local, State and National Representativces and DEMAND that Chen Guangcheng and ALL State Prisoners of Conscience be FREED NOW!
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China: Chen Guangcheng is prisoner of conscience
rights activist Chen Guangcheng was today sentenced to four years and
three months in prison. In reaction, Catherine Baber, Deputy Asia
Pacific Director at Amnesty International said:

“We condemn
utterly the sentence imposed on Chen Guangcheng and consider him a
prisoner of conscience. Chen has been imprisoned solely because of his
peaceful defence of human rights and he should be released

“The charges against Chen were politically
motivated and the trial was grossly unfair from start to finish. Chen's
lawyers were obstructed at every step of the way, from collecting
evidence to representing him in court. By some accounts the trial
lasted only two hours; and the courtroom was filled with official
representatives preventing members of the public and most of Chen's
relatives attending.”

Chen was charged with “damaging public
property and gathering people to block traffic” in June 2006, after he
had been detained incommunicado for three months. He had been
arbitrarily confined to his home since September 2005. Before his
detention Chen had been helping local villagers in their attempt to sue
the local authorities in Linyi City, Shandong province, for
carrying out an illegal policy of forced abortions and sterilizations
which reportedly affected thousands of local women.

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