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Austin Pastor Fights to Spread 9/11 Truth

Austin Pastor Fights to Spread 9/11 Truth


Seems that religious leaders are finally stepping up to the plate. We truly have hit the mainstream…

Video available here:

An article available here:

Loehr delivered a sermon regarding 9/11 as early as
September 16, 2001, but from a rather different perspective. Loehr
utilized his first sermon in a 'post-9/11' world to highlight the
effects of “blowback”–consequences for the adverse effects of U.S.
foreign policy from the eyes of many foreign nations, particularly in
the Mid-East region.

Thanks to Stacy for sending this in.

New Mack White Podcast Online


a brand new show, celebrating the last phase of Summer with a musical
mix of Reggae, Surf, R&B, and raw mid-60s Psychedelia. The show
also includes a very sincere and heart-felt tribute to the brave prison
guards of Gitmo who, on a daily basis, put up with an incredible amount
of shit performing the thankless job of defending Der Homeland. Click
below to enjoy …

We Still Have Not Received Bigfoot Body

We Still Have Not Received Bigfoot Body!. Does this mean it might be on the way? Doing our part to put rumors to rest by exposing how talk of coverups begins. More from Pine Ridge…. []

Perry Aide Working for TTC's CINTRA and More



– Sal Costello [The Muckraker]

New Article Regarding Ongoing 9/11 Family Lawsuits

New Article Regarding Ongoing 9/11 Family Lawsuits.

Sept. 11 plaintiffs wait for answers, resolution –

Now, nearly five years after the historic disaster, roughly 60 lawsuits are still grinding their way through court. And the families pushing ahead with litigation, including numerous New Englanders, are mired in a massive legal case that has become a complicated behemoth for the federal judge overseeing it.
The case pits those who consider the day's events an unpreventable tragedy against others who believe government and aviation officials ignored clear warnings that such an assault was possible. That lapse, in their view, led to the deaths of beloved friends and relatives, and they now want accountability and answers.

For some litigants, their decision to sue was met by public disapproval from skeptics who questioned their motives and dismissed their quest for justice as futile. But in interviews with the Globe, many family members said they are committed to pursuing the case until government, airline, and security officials are held responsible for their roles in the attacks. And they are aware that litigation is a gamble that could produce neither answers nor money, they said.
Still, many of the firm's clients say they sued not for financial gain, but because they believe litigation will fully reveal whether government and aviation officials could have anticipated and prevented the events of Sept. 11. Some also sued because life insurance and other “offsets” would have reduced their payments from the compensation fund, which awarded $2 million in death cases and $400,000 in injury cases, on average.

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FCC opens inquiries into television stations caught airing fake news

Media Minutes: August 18, 2006. The FCC opens inquiries into television stations caught airing fake news, and more evidence of continued journalistic deception is on the way. The Supreme Court agrees to hear an anti-trust case involving the nation's dominant phone companies. A federal judge strikes down the NSA's warrentless wiretapping program as unconstitutional, while several lawsuits alleging telecom complicity in the scheme are consolidated. [Media Minutes Podcast]

Homeland Security nabs Free Stater

Homeland Security nabs Free Stater. Mark Frauenfelder:
Anonymous says:

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A member of the
Free State Project
, Russell Kanning, was arrested recently for attempting to distribute a flyer to IRS agents in his home town asking them to quit their job. The flyers contain anti-war content, criticism the Bush administration for its erosion of civil rights, and a form resignation letter addressed to President Bush, which he is asking IRS agents to sign. Kanning remains in a maximum security and will not be allowed visitors. The Free State Project recently passed 7,250 members more than 1/3 of its 20,000 person goal.


By (Mark Frauenfelder). [Boing Boing]