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Brand New Show Live on Anomaly Radio – TONIGHT!

Brand New Show on Anomaly Radio – TONIGHT!

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UFO Monday coming up on Anomaly TeleVision

Anomaly TV Weekly Schedule

Please check out the latest posts at Anomaly TeleVision dot com. It's just starting a brand new week of programming and tomorrow guarantees a great crop of new UFO Monday material …

UFO Monday – Featuring UFO's and aliens. Check out the entire Weekly Schedule.

Radio Misterioso with Greg Bishop – LIVE Sundays 10pm – Midnight CST

Radio Misterioso with Greg BishopRadio Misterioso with Greg Bishop

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It’s not all aliens, alternate universes and military conspiracies on my plate. If you’re near your computer on Sundays from 8-10PM PST  tune in to my show Radio Misterioso at killradio for an overload of UFO/ alien/ cult/ lounge-types of wacky music. I’ll be posting some of the songs we play in the following weeks, as well as some others from my collection.

The past few months have been heavy on the interviews, some of which you can download here. Guests have included Bill Moore, mutiliation researcher Chris O’Brien, Nick Redfern and ghost hunter Richard Senate.

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Blue Rose Brief / Blue Rose Special Report


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Continued Exploration of the Liberated Space

Liberated Space with Angela Keaton

The Libertated Space with Angela Keaton

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Angela Keaton continues the relaunch of The Liberated Space radioshow.

Last week it was …

“A frank discussion of feminisms (yes, isms,) sex, gender, market value and the anti-pornography movement with several noted sex workers: Philosopher Lady Aster, Libertarian Party activist Starchild and Sociology graduate student, Holly Pottle.”

And coming up this week and coming weeks …

January 18–Dean Tong on the Duke Rape Case and Fathers' Rights.

January 25–Steve Kubby on Medical Marijuana and his campaign for the 2008 LP Presidential Nomination.

February 1–Mohamed Miraki on his book, “Afghanistan After Democracy.”

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