Latest RADIO MISTERIOSO Show Tonight at 10pm CST


Tim Binnall of Binnall of America will be my guest tonight on Radio Misterioso from 8-10 PM PST at Tim has been broad- and podcasting his innovative show since 2005, taking parnormal radio into the 21st century. Binnall Of America has hosted everyone from Stanton Friedman to Colm “Skinwalker ranch” Kelleher to Stephen Bassett. I knew he would do well when I was one of his first guests and discovered to my delight that I was encouraged to talk about anything I wanted, and even (gasp) challenged on some of my views and opinions.

This is rare to nonexistent on almost all parnormal talk shows, where the norm is some kind of Inside the Actor’s Studio obseqeuousness. If guests can’t be contradicted or at least questioned on how they arrived at their sometimes seemingly outlandish views, how can we even start to believe them? Tim bravely goes where other hosts fear to tread, yet manages to keep the tone respectful and insightful. We’ll try to keep to this standard tonight.


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