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ARG!? Ty Brown of Dreams End on the Teresa Duncan / Jeremy Blake Suicides


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 PreRecorded Interview with Ty to air 6pm to 7pm CST.

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This Week’s Guest on The Blue Rose Report … Ty Brown.

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Join us Wednesday, October 3rd, from 6-8pm CST as we explore the parapolitical background of such strange bedfellows as Cointelpro, Scientology, Remote Viewing, Stanford Research Institute, New Age Strategems and More. We’ll also cover Ty’s controversial ideas about ARGs, Hoax Culture, Viral Stealth Marketing and the double suicide of two artist / filmmakers / storytellers Teresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake.

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Flashback: The Controllers (excerpt)

The Controllers

Ralph Schwitzgebel and his brother Robert have produced a panoply of devices for tracking individuals over long ranges; they may be considered the creators of the “electronic house arrest” devices recently approved by the courts.39 Schwitzgebel devices could be used for tracking all the physical and neurological signs of a “patient” within a quarter of a mile,40 thereby lifting the distance limitations which restricted Delgado.

In Ralph Schwitzgebel’s initial work, application of this technology to ESB seems to have been limited to cumbersome brain implants with protruding wires. But the technology was soon miniaturized, and a scheme was proposed whereby radio receivers would be mounted on utility poles throughout a given city, thereby providing 24-hour-a-day monitoring capability[41]. Like Heath, Schwitzgebel was much exercised about homosexuality and the use of intracranial devices to combat sexual deviation. But he has also spoken ominously about applying his devices to “socially troublesome persons”… which, of course, could mean anyone.42

Bryan Robinson, of the Yerkes primate laboratory has conducted fascinating simian research on the use of remote ESB in a social context. He could cause mothers to ignore their offspring, despite the babies’ cries. He could turn submission into dominance, and vice-versa.43

Perhaps the most disturbing wanderer into this mind-field is Joseph A. Meyer, of the National Security Agency, the most formidable and secretive component of America’s national security complex. Meyer has proposed implanting roughly half of all Americans arrested – not necessarily convicted – of any crime; the numbers of “subscribers” (his euphemism) would run into the tens of millions. “Subscribers” could be monitored continually by computer wherever they went. Meyer, who has carefully worked out the economics of his mass-implantation system, asserts that taxpayer liability should be reduced by forcing subscribers to “rent” the implant from the State. Implants are cheaper and more efficient than police, Meyer suggests, since the call to crime is relentless for the poor “urban dweller” – who, this spook-scientist admits in a surprisingly candid aside, is fundamentally unnecessary to a post-industrial economy. “Urban dweller” may be another of Meyer’s euphemisms: He uses New York’s Harlem as his model community in working out the details of his mind-management system.44

39. Robert L. Schwitzgebel and Richard M. Bird, “Sociotechnical Design Factors in Remote Instrumentation with Humans in Natural Environments,”

40. Thomas, JOURNEY INTO MADNESS, 277. In the BEHAVIOR RESEARCH METHODS AND INSTRUMENTATION article referenced above, Schwitzgebel details how the radio signals may be fed into a telephone via a modem and thus analyzed by a computer anywhere in the world.

41. Scheflin and Opton, THE MIND MANIPULATORS, 347-349.

42. Louis Tackwood and the Citizen’s Research and Investigation Committee, THE GLASS HOUSE TAPES (New York: Avon, 1973), 226.

43. Perry London, BEHAVIOR CONTROL (New York: Harper and Row, 1969), 145

44. Scheflin and Opton, THE MIND MANIPULATORS, 351-353; Tackwood, THE GLASS HOUSE TAPES, 228.

45. “Beepers in kids’ heads could stop abductors,” Las Vegas SUN, Oct. 27, 1987.

The Controllers
A new hypothesis of Alien Abduction
by Martin Cannon

SMiles on VYZYGOTH’S Grassy Knoll

SMiles on VYZYGOTH’S Grassy Knoll

Untamed Dimensions with Adam Gorightly

A good portion of our interview covered what Dreams End blogger Ty Brown has been investigating. Check out his interview with Ty at this url:

Both of these shows will be re-broadcast on Anomaly Radio.

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Wednesday Binnallathon on Anomaly Radio!! Tim Binnall on the Blue Rose Report

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Paranormal podcast host Tim Binnall of joins us on the show to kick off Anomaly Radio’s new Fall Lineup. This Wednesday will feature a nearly twenty hour Marathon of past Binnall of America podcasts rebroadcast on Anomaly Radio. The shows rebroadcast during the Marathon are those personal favorites chosen by Tim Binnall. Join us Wednesday night as we interview Tim and learn about his quest to explore the paranormal and parapolitical through his own show, Binnall of America.

Check out Tim’s blog here at: Binnall of America – “The musings and ralphings of the Great American Creep.”

Tim Binnall’s “Best Of” Binnallathon Lineup for 9/18/07:
Season One

  • Stanton Friedman (5.14.5):: 32 minutes
  • Jim Marrs (101 & 102) :: 2 hours, 12 minutes
  • Peter Robbins (108 & 109) :: 3 hours, 16 minutes
  • Colm Kelleher (118) :: 1 hour, 4 minutes
  • Loren Coleman (121) :: 1 hour, 46 minutes
  • Andre Eggelletion (126) :: 1 hour, 47 minutes
  • Gary McKinnon (133) :: 1 hour, 8 minutes

Season Two

  • Scott Corrales (205) :: 1 hour, 15 minutes
  • Peter Davenport (207) :: 1 hour, 33 minutes
  • Stanton Friedman (212) :: 1 hour, 1 minute
  • Tony Healy (223) :: 1 hour, 48 minutes
  • Chris Styles (228) :: 1 hour, 25 minutes
  • Brad Steiger (231) :: 1 hour, 42 minutes


Wednesday Nights, 7-8pm CST

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Anomaly Radio Fall 2007 Show Schedule

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Anomaly Radio Fall 2007 Show Schedule

Official New Schedule – All Times CST

  • Nervous Teeth – 11pm to 1am (Every Weekday)
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Lewis and Clark on “Strange Days… Indeed”

That’s SMiles Lewis and Jerome Clark talking UFOs and more on the latest “Strange Days… Indeed” podcast with veteran radioshow host Errol Bruce-Knapp! – SMiles

Email EBK: Errol Bruce-Knapp

More synchronicity at work. Both guests, SMiles Lewis and Jerome Clark discuss Jacques Vallee on the current Strange Days… Indeed podcast. See:

Greg Boone tipped us off that Vallee is on Coast To Coast tonight.

Interesting that a man supposedly long out of the field is still being discussed and doing radio…


  • Dave Furlotte with his ‘Take On It’
  • SMiles Lewis – Researcher, Investigator, Podcaster on his work, Ray Stanford, Jacques Vallee & others
  • Author/Researcher Jerome Clark joins us to discuss more than a couple of aspects of his work plus things not many know about his other interests…

Chen Guangcheng Awarded Ramon Magsaysay for Emergent Leadership

China’s Chen Guangcheng, this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Emergent Leadership and whose image is projected on the screen receives an applause from his co-awardees and the audience Friday, Aug. 31, 2007, in Manila, Philippines, as he was unable to attend because he is currently serving a prison term. The wife of the blind Chinese activist denounced China for its human rights record and for being prevented from leaving the country to receive the Philippine humanitarian award for her husband. The Ramon Magsaysay Awards, which honor individual’s achievements, is Asia’s counterpart to the Nobel Prize. (AP Photo/Pat Roque)

Wife of Chinese Activist: I Was Held

BEIJING (AP) — The wife of an imprisoned blind Chinese activist said Saturday that she was dragged off a bus and held for hours to stop her from traveling to Beijing to speak out on his behalf.

Yuan Weijing said she was on a bus from Shandong province in eastern China on Friday when it stopped and she was pulled off by a group of government workers.

The alleged action comes after Yuan was blocked last week by Chinese authorities from leaving for Manila, Philippines, where she was to receive the Ramon Magsaysay Award, Asia’s version of the Nobel Prize, for her husband, Chen Guangcheng. Friday was also the day a speech by her was read at the awards ceremony, in which she accused Beijing of violating human rights.

Chen, 36, was sentenced to four years and three months in prison in 2006 after he documented cases of forced abortions and other abuses by family planning officials in his native Shandong.

“I think the purpose of this was to prohibit me from speaking out,” Yuan said by phone from her village of Dongshigu in Shangdong. “Three men and one woman got on the bus and they dragged me to get me off the bus.”

She said she was going to Beijing to highlight her husband’s case and to seek legal help after her passport was taken away when she was trying to go to the Philippines.

Yuan said she was held for about 12 hours and taken back to her house in a mini-bus. She did not give details, but said she recognized those who dragged her off the bus as being from her local government office.

Yuan, 31, was taken back to her home early Saturday, and she said about six people were standing in front of her house and that another four were blocking the entrance to the village.

A duty officer at the Shandong police office, who refused to give his name, said he had not heard of the case.

In Yuan’s speech read at the awards ceremony, she blasted China’s record on human rights.

“In China, our government is often the biggest violator of people’s rights,” Yuan said in the speech. “Because Guangcheng engaged in helping peasants safeguard their rights, he became the target of a retaliatory strike by some corrupt government officials.”

Chen was convicted on charges of instigating an attack on government offices in Dongshigu. Police said he was upset with workers sent to carry out poverty-relief programs.

Yuan said her husband was convicted “based on trumped-up charges and a flawed trial process” in which villagers allegedly were kidnapped and tortured to testify against him.

Chen and a fellow Chinese citizen jointly won the Magsaysay emergent leadership award. Chen, blinded by a fever as a child, helped farmers file court cases, led protests against a river-polluting paper factory and documented abuses.

Chung was recognized for his AIDS Orphans Project, which provides school fees for children who have a parent with AIDS.

Each winner received a gold medallion with an image of the former Philippine president for which the award is named plus $50,000.