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Anomaly Radio Fall 2007 Show Schedule

Official New Schedule – All Times CST

  • Nervous Teeth – 11pm to 1am (Every Weekday)
  • Out The Rabbit Hole – 1am to 3am (Every Weekday)
  • Radio Misterioso – 3am to 5am (Every Weekday)
  • Untamed Dimensions – 5am to 7am (Every Weekday)
  • Waking Up Underground (Music) – 7am to 9am (Every Weekday)
  • 911 Research Podcasts and Music – 9am to 11am (Every Tuesday)
  • SpyChips: Uncovering the Truth LIVE – 9am to 11am (Every Weekday except Tuesdays)
  • AntiWar Radio LIVE – 11am to 1pm (Every Weekday)
  • Out There Radio – 1pm to 2pm (Every Weekday)
  • Black Vault Radio – 2pm to 5pm (Every Monday)
  • Supernatural Existence – 2pm to 5pm (Every Tuesday)
  • Binnall of America – 2pm to 5pm (Every Wednesday)
  • Radio Ice Creations – 2pm to 5pm (Every Thursday)
  • Vyzygoth’s Grassy Knoll – 2pm to 5pm (Every Friday)
  • AntiWar Radio Interviews – 5pm to 6pm (Every Weekday)
  • Liberated Space Interviews – 6pm to 7pm (Every Weekday except Thursdays)
  • Out The Rabbit Hole LIVE – 6pm to 7pm (Every Thursday)
  • PsiOp Radio LIVE – 7pm to 8pm (Every Tuesday)
  • Blue Rose Report LIVE – 7pm to 8pm (Every Wednesday)
  • PreCognitive Dissonance LIVE – 7pm to 8pm (Every Thursday)
  • Best of Strange Days… Indeed – 8pm to 9pm (Every Weekday)
  • SMiles Lewis shows – 9pm to 11pm (Every Weekday)
  • NightWatch Show LIVE – 9pm to 11pm (Every Tuesday)
  • Radio Misterioso LIVE – 10pm to Midnight (Every Sunday)
  • Nervous Teeth – 11pm to 1am (Every Weekday)