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DreamsEnd Launches White Ops Mission: Keep Britney Spears Alive

White Ops Mission: Keep Britney Spears Alive

Circle of Protection for Britney Spears and All Exploited Children Everywhere

Circle of Protection for Britney Spears and All Exploited Children Everywhere

White Ops Mission: Keep Britney Spears Alive

23 January, 2008 | Child Abuse/Trafficking

Excerpt from

The image at the top of this post represents a circle of protection around Britney Spears and all children and young people cynically exploited for their market value, whether as entertainers, soldiers or even slaves. The background design is a “witch’s knot” shaped to reflect negative energy back towards those who are casting it.

The purpose of a symbol is to focus our minds in a way that words alone can’t. The corporations are very familiar with this kind of magic. The language is different, of course. The wizards of public relations talk of brand, image and logo, not sigil, illusion and spell. But they are in your head, just the same, and they wouldn’t spend billions of dollars on this magic if it didn’t produce results.

And if you, like me, can overcome your own cynicism long enough to see what this Britney saga is really about, here is what you can do. Whenever you see those snarky blogs, the entertainment magazines or, ESPECIALLY, the “news media”, furthering the destruction of Britney Spears, leave a comment or send an email and just tell them you refuse to visit any site which mocks the mentally ill or encourages suicide.

At the same time, in those comments and on your own blogs and myspace pages, display this symbol, or one of your own design. Explain to people what it’s about. Pass the symbol along, but don’t spam anyone. We aren’t trying to create more negativity.

It’s okay not to believe in magic. Think of it as “meme warfare”. We are putting out an alternative view of reality itself. A view that says that even someone as damaged as Britney deserves life. A view that says we should be mocking and shaming not Britney Spears, but those who created her.

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Mack White: HOTWIRE News

HOTWIRE News Featuring Mack White

It’s only days from release: HOTWIRE #2, the new anthology edited by Glenn Head and published by Fantagraphics, featuring my latest story “Trouble in Tascosa,” as well as work by Tim Lane, Jonathon Rosen, Mark Newgarden, R. Sikoryak, David Sandlin, Mary Fleener, Johnny Ryan, Matti Hagelberg, David Paleo, Sam Henderson, Danny Hellman, Glenn Head, Carol Swain, Mark dean Veca, Stephane Blanquet, Onsmith, Lorna Miller, Chris Estey, David Lasky, Ivan Brunetti, Tobias Tak, Craig Yoe, and Christian Northeast.

To see sample pages, go to the book’s official website It’s available at all good bookstores everywhere, but if you don’t live near a good bookstore, you can order it here at Amazon.

Speaking of good bookstores, Austin Books will be hosting a signing for me to celebrate Hotwire’s release. This event will occur on February 20, 5-8 pm. More information will follow as we get closer to the date.

Mack White: HOTWIRE News

SMiles Lewis and ELFIS on MySpace and Facebook

I’ve intended to alert my network’s visitors to this fact long ago but like so many other little tasks it fell by the wayside…

SMiles & The ELFIS Network have our own MySpace and Facebook accounts: and
… by the way, Facebook is CIA.

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