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Check out these New & Classic Episodes of Out There Radio:

Episode 3: Masonic Assassins and Alchemical Rites

Devoted to the legendary conspiracy theorist James Shelby Downard. They discuss Downard’s views on Freemasonry and the occult. The episode includes the final portion of their Adam Parfrey interview, which contains biographical information about Downard that is not available in print.

Episode 33: Making Manifest All that is Hidden

In this 2-hour, end of season special, they analyze the evidence offered in support of the “official story” of the September 11 attacks and give their take on The Truth. This episode represents the culmination of the alternative historical narrative followed throughout the first season of the show, ultimately bringing us back to the beginning of the series, with a look at 9/11 through the prophetic writings of conspiracy author James Shelby Downard.

Episode 49: The Final Truth

In their final discussion on 9/11 Truth, Raymond recounts his trip to DC in September in a show full of clips from his excursion and a discussion of the current and future status of the movement, and of Truth itself. What are the consequences of unknown intentions? Could the movement be hijacked? As a bonus, they interview Erik Ruhling about his book “Infernal Device: Machinery of Torture and Execution” and speak to him about torture through the ages, and the contemporary implications of torture.