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Wednesday March 12 2008

Austin TX City Hall

301W.Seccond StreetTO: Rondella

Given the recent news that the Texas Cable Association may now precede with its lawsuit against SB 5, it is now time to draw down the remainder of the capital equipment funds from Time Warner Cable.

We can certainly expect that since the 5th Circuit Court has given the green light to the cable industry, that Time Warner will proceed as quickly as possible to pursue its lawsuit.

Under the existing franchise agreement between the City and Time Warner there is more than $1 million still available for public access television capital equipment purchases – purchases that are badly needed and long overdue.

If you wait, and Time Warner proceeds quickly with its lawsuit, the City and public access will lose these dollars – just as we lost the remainder of capital equipment funds from Grande Communications when Grande went to a statewide franchise.

I strongly urge you to act now to start the process to draw down the remainder of these funds. As we know from the previous CFO, the City is under no obligation to demonstrate how these capital equipment funds will be used before making the demand to draw them down.

The time to take action is now, not after Time Warner files its lawsuit and gets an injunction that allows them to not abide by the franchise agreement.

The City’s legal staff should put this item on the top of there to do list now – at your urging.

– Stefan Wray and Pam Thompson

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