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Robert Larson – Writer, Researcher and Radio Host. Past Assistant Editor of The Excluded Middle magazine, he’s written for Magickal Blend, FATE, E.L.F. Infested Spaces and other publications. He hosted the Cartoon Pleroma radioshow for several years and recently made his triumphant return to radio with Out The Rabbit Hole – his new weekly radioshow broadcasting live every Friday afternnoon on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, California.

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Rabbit Looking Out the Rabbit HoleOUT THE RABBIT HOLE

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Archives of Robert Larson’s Cartoon Pleroma radioshow

  • Featuring Peter Jordan on Contactee Howard Menger, Mind Kontrol, UFOs, Cattle Mutilations, Black Helicopters…  With Guest CoHost Greg Bishop and special appearance by Peter Stenshoel Part One | Part Two
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  • 2.15.99 – Featuring Paul Williams on Philip Kindrid Dick Part One | Part Two 
  • 12.7.98 – Featuring David Pursglove editor of Zen & The Art of Close Encounters and organizer of the New Being Project & New Being Seminars Part One | Part Two
  • HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE 8.23.98 Guest hosted by Robert Larson & Greg Bishop Featuring SMiles Lewis discussing everything from Parapsychology to Parapolitics, Mind to UFOs Part One | Part Two
  • 9.3.98  – Featuring SMiles Lewis On Dreams, Lucidity, Altered States of Consciousness, Psychedelics, Sleep Paralysis, Out of Body/Astral Voyages, Dream Swapping, Shared Near Death Experiences, Parapsychology and Much More Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four
  • 7.9.98  – Featuring Dr. William Cone One of the authors of the highly controversial book, The Abduction Enigma (with co-authors Kevin Randle & Russ Estes) and author of Alien Rape,speaking on his work and research with people he believes suffer from sleep paralysis but who believe themselves to be abductees. Part One | Part Two
  • 4.10.98  – Featuring SMiles Lewis – Part One | Part Two | Part Three