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Blue Rose Report Part 2.1 at Anomaly Magazine

UFOs & The Black Lodge: Blue Rose Report Part 2.1 – CryptoUFOlogy

by SMiles Lewis

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“My Dream is a Code Waiting to Be Broken. Break the Code, Solve the Crime.” FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper


FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper’s BiographyIn the small idyllic border town of Twin Peaks, Washington, tucked away in the forested mountains, a murder mystery unfolds involving the killing of the local high school prom queen, Laura Palmer. When a second high schooler, and potential victim of the same killer, crosses the State’s border, the FBI sends Special Agent Dale Cooper to investigate what we later find out, in the prequel, is one of FBI Bureau Chief Gordon Cole’s (played by David Lynch) “Blue Rose Cases.” And so begins the strange tale of mysterious communications and fantastic encounters that engulfs the town of Twin Peaks and the lives of all its quirky inhabitants, including its newest arrival, Special Agent Cooper.

The initial storyline would seem to be far removed from the world of UFOlogical secrets, but for the occasional paranormal manifestations, mysterious visions, and precognitive dreams of Cooper and certain townsfolk. In fact the acronym U.F.O. is only uttered once in Major Garland Briggs at the Double R Dinerthe series and not at all in its subsequent prequel, Fire Walk With Me. It’s only in the second season, upon the return of Major Garland Briggs (after his abduction by a mysterious anomalous light accompanied by owls and a cloaked figure) and his mentioning of the Air Force’s Project Blue Book, that Dale Cooper says the words, “Unidentified Flying Objects.” (And also when Sheriff Truman asks in a subsequent episode, “What was Wyndham Earle doing investigating UFOs?”) But besides these two overt references to UFOs there are many subtle, covert themes threaded into the fabric of the Twin Peaks story that can be used to inform the more casual viewer about the truly strange nature of UFOs and related paranormal (and even parapolitical) phenomena. It is these covert references and allusions upon which we will focus our explication of the series and its prequel in upcoming installments of this column. While an average TV watcher viewing Twin Peaks might be aware of the classic modern UFO myths of military retrieval of crashed flying saucers, governmental cover-up of recovered aliens and supposed underground bases, bedroom visitation abductions, and the human / alien hybridization stories, they are not likely to be aware of the deeper connections in the Twin Peaks milieu which speak to the nature of the UFO’s darker CryptoUfological reality; the secret coded side of UFOs and the paranormal.

Air Force’s Project Blue Book

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Friday on Anomaly Radio: Robert Larson interviews Sander Hicks about 911

Sander Hicks book on 911 - THE BIG WEDDINGJoin Host Robert Larson on OUT THE RABBIT HOLE this Friday for his interview with 911 researcher and activist Sander Hicks from 7-8pm CST.

They’ll be discussing the new film, ABLE DANGER, based on Sander Hicks investigation into September 11th, 2001.

He’s the author of The Big Wedding: 9/11, The Whistle-Blowers & The Cover-Up. /

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UFO Documentarian Paul Kimball on PreCogDiss Thursday Night

BEST EVIDENCE - Top Ten UFO Sightings 

Paul KimballAward-winning documentary filmmaker, frontier-science conference organizer, musician, and theatrical director Paul Kimball will be joining hosts Craig York and SMiles Lewis this Thursday evening for conversations over saucers and all manner of anomalous subjects.

Among Paul’s many accomplishments are these recent noteworthies:

Tune in to ANOMALY RADIO this Thursday evening at 7pm CST. /

Check out his websites: /

Paul Kimball talks UFOs on “Melanson Live” 

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Updates on the Plight of Chen Guangcheng in China

Chen Guangcheng

Chinese Dissident Blogger Stands Trial for Subversion
Wall Street Journal – Mar 18, 2008
of the current system,” said Li, who himself was detained in 2006 in connection with his representation of Chen Guangcheng, a peasants right activist.
Wall Street Journal

Hu Jia and Teng Biao: On human dignity and China
The Union Leader, NH – Apr 8, 2008
The blind activist Chen Guangcheng, recipient of the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay Award and named in 2006 by Time Magazine as one of the most influential 100 people

Pelosi: ‘We are Hearing the Call to the Conscience of the World’
PR Newswire (press release), NY – Apr 8, 2008
sentenced to 10 years in prison for reporting on the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre; Chen Guangcheng, a blind lawyer who exposed the truth

Made in China: Wholesale Persecution
Christian News Wire (press release), DC – Apr 8, 2008
According to the testimonies recorded by the Chinese human rights activist Chen Guangcheng, forced abortion takes place up until the eighth month of

Hu Jia: China’s enemy within
Independent, UK – Apr 3, 2008
He has spoken out on Aids, Tibetan autonomy and free speech, while embracing the causes of the activist lawyer Gao Zhisheng, and Chen Guangcheng,

China Ups One-Child Forced-Abortion Policy Enforcement, Abuses, MT – Apr 3, 2008
The woman lives near Linyi city where blind attorney Chen Guangcheng told the world of more than 10000 women who were forced to have abortions and

China’s One-Child Policy Stays, Abuses Resurface
Tibetan Culture & News Online, UK – Apr 2, 2008
Yuan Weijing, wife of jailed civil rights activist Chen Guangcheng, said her husband’s blistering exposure of abuses by family planning officials in Linyi

Salmond urged to condemn China
Guide and Gazette, UK – Apr 1, 2008
Salmond to express human rights concerns publicly, especially over the plight of individual activists in China, and particularly for Chen Guangcheng.

China: Reminders of Tiananmen Square
UNPO, Netherlands – Mar 26, 2008
Blind human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng was sentenced to four years and three months in jail for speaking against coercive family planning practices in

Problems creep out past official front in China
USA Today – Mar 19, 2008
China’s Health Ministry acknowledged the problem when lawyer Chen Guangcheng exposed the issue in an area of Shandong province in 2005.

China – Hu Jia’s trial called “parody of justice”
CNW Telbec (Communiqués de presse), Canada – Mar 18, 2008
Hu has often written about other imprisoned activists such as Chen Guangcheng ( and Guo