George Catlin Ph.D.Join SMiles Lewis and Guest Co-Host Stuart Ritchie, Wednesday, May 28th from 7-8pm CST for a special episode of the Blue Rose Report with our Guest George Catlin, Ph.D.

GEORGE CATLIN, Ph.D. has devoted his professional and personal life to understanding the whole person with an emphasis on psychological health. The heart of his work is the result of research while investigating not only what could go wrong psychologically, but also by concentrating on what could go right. He studied extensively at the University of Massachusetts where he earned his PhD in Psychology followed by an academic career as a Professor at Carthage College and Amherst. He now resides in Southern California with his wife and family. He conducts seminars and workshops around the country

Messenger of the Messiah?
by George Catlin, Ph.D  –

A Conversation with… George The Monthly Aspectarian

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