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My Kook Friends

Looking at the latest flickr stream of friends photos I find the answer to several long-vexing questions:

“What exactly happened that night around the camp fire that everyone was laughing about (at my expense) the next day?”

RIGHT: “kook mind control – Greg Bishop performing dastardly mind control on Miles Lewis, Capitol Reafs, Utah, 2003.”

LEFT: “slot canyon band – The Slot Canyon Band, Foreground to background: Mack White, drums and percussion; Miles Lewis, bass guitar; Adam Gorightly, lead guitar, vocals, keyboards, all lyrics; Greg Bishop, tambourine. Utah, 2003″

I love those guys.

– SMiles

From Adam Gorightly’s flickr photos:

Blue Rose Report – Site Will Be Down Temporarily – Moving Soon

The Blue Rose Report dot com will be moving to new servers soon.

During that time the website will be down and unavailable.

We hope to get the site back up quickly but wanted to let you know about this upcoming outage.

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