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Flashback: Austin Daze Volume #2, Issue #12 – September 2001

FLASHBACK: In early 2001 I was actively promoting the then upcoming 38th Annual National UFO Conference that I was Hosting and Organizing for a 3 day / 3 night ParaUfological Extravaganza here in Austin at the Original Alamo Drafthouse cinema. It was “The Best UFO Conference nEver!” … it was canceled due to the terrible events of September 11th.

The following article appeared in the 12th issue of Austin Daze – a very Austin publication that has thrived ever since. I don’t recall the author’s name, the article credits him only as “D”… but we met in his East Austin abode and discussed all manner of strange subject matter. His excellent stream of consciousness, gonzo-style approach to his writing was mirrored in the funkiness and fun of our actual meeting. I wonder what he’s been up to since …

So now, presented here for archival purposes, is the text, cover and a PDF of the Austin Daze issue featuring pre-NUFOC event coverage.

– SMiles Lewis

Austin Daze Volume #2, Issue #12 – September 2001 –   pdf


It was late and I was anxious to get home. The day had been rough, and I was looking forward to a hot dinner, a cold brew, a lukewarm shower… and maybe, if I played my cards right, a clandestine midnight romp, a hairdresser with blue eyes and sturdy hips and a taste for decadence. I goose the truck along and curse the length of the road and bop to ‘jamming oldies’, whatever that is.

The Toyota stalls out and rolls to a stop smack dab in the middle of a railroad crossing. Wonderful. Dinner and suds and cleanliness are suddenly a long shot, and the odds on snatch are totally off the board at this point. Then the lightshow commences and the bells start clanging and big pieces of wood with orange stripes begin to descend towards my ride.

Austin Daze Volume #2, Issue #12 – September 2001

Collateral Brain Damage, The Hollywood Propaganda Ministry, 7/02

Collateral Brain Damage? The Hollywood Propaganda Ministry


by Alex Constantine, July 2002 issue of High Times.

“Without censorship, things can get terribly confused
in the public mind.”

–General William C. Westmoreland,
Time, April 5, 1982


Brandon’s office was conceived on December 20, 1991 by the “Task Force on Greater CIA Openness” in a study undertaken at the request of then CIA director Robert Gates, a Bush, Sr. appointee, and immediately classified, though a few copies were leaked. The report proposed an image upgrade to neutralize public hostility. The task force was in “substantial agreement that we generally need to make the institution and the process more visible and understandable rather than strive for openness on specific substantive issues.” Forget openness, the Openness Task Force advised. The report “seems to recommend no real change in attitude,” complained The Excluded Middle, an anti-CIA Internet site, “only in the way that the agency presents itself to a hostile or at least an indifferent public.” The authors of the report boast arrogantly that the CIA’s Public Affairs Office (PAO) censored and had buried projects that it found objectionable in the past. Chase Brandon hails from the PAO. Contact with “every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly, and television network in the nation” was advised by the panel. The result was the Entertainment Liaison Office. (Anonymous, “CIA MEMO ON GREATER OPENNESS REVEALS CONTRADICTIONS,” Excluded Middle,

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