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Mirage Men by Mark Pilkington

Check out the latest UFO News at National UFO Center

Mutual UFO Network Denver symposium round-up

Check out the latest UFO News at National UFO Center

The CIA – Murdering the Truth : NOVAKEO.COM – The Radically Alternative Webzine

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Anomaly Archives eNews – June/July 2010


June/July 2010

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– Anomaly Archives News 

 Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction

We are not alone…and Nick Redfern can prove it.

Free Lecture with Nick Redfern in Austin, Texas, Saturday August 21st – MORE INFO

– Anomaly Archives Needs Your Help

We need your help! The Anomaly Archives is always looking for new membership and needs your support both financially and as volunteers at the lending library and educational outreach events.

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– Anomaly Headlines

UFO News

Giovanni Pegna’s flying wing

New Tech News

CryptoZoology News

Mad Science Headlines

Misc Anomaly News

Weather Control

ClimateGate Debunked?

Morgellons: Medical Mystery or Biological Warfare?

Toxoplasma Mind Kontrol

 End of the World Science

 More Science News

 Just Plain Weird

Mind-Tech Drugs

– Events

MeetUps & Events

The Anomaly Archives has scheduled several dates for the new Summer Cinema Series as well as our upcoming lecture by ufologist Nick Redfern in June.

Join up and stay tuned for news about upcoming meetings and events:

Other Upcoming Events in Texas:

Dallas Area Paranormal Society

Presents Monsters of Texas with Nick Redfern

October 9th, 2010

It’s still a while away, but if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area and are interested in attending – and given the fact that reservations are required in advance – now may be the time to contact the organizers at

Out of State Events

– Networking

  • Austin IONS –
  • INACS –
  • Austin MUFON –
  • Jung Society of Austin –
  • American Creativity Association – Austin Chapter –
  • Isis Institute of Women’s Studies –
  • HPC – / Campus
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    Heavy rains cause Iowa dam to fail

    New Headline: Aquapocalypse
    Via Aquapocalypse dot com

    PsiOp Radio podcast 123 – 100725

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