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Anomaly Archives Monthly Meetup – October 27th, 2012

Anomaly Archives lending library

Next Anomaly Archives Monthly Meetup is Saturday, October 27th from 1-4pm

Greetings fellow Anomalists!

The Anomaly Archives holds monthly meetings on the Fourth Saturday of each month. This month’s meeting is Saturday, October 27th.

The meetings are FREE and held from 1-4pm at the INACS / Anomaly Archives headquarters located in North West Austin, just past the intersections of Research and Technology Boulevards (see end of page for detailed directions):

12593 Research Blvd., Suite 302,
Austin, Texas 78759

Please make plans to attend this month’s Anomaly Archives Meeting at the SAI – Anomaly Archives / INACS “Mind Quarters” … we look forward to meeting and talking with all of you!

– SMiles Lewis
Founder & President


DIRECTIONS to The Anomaly Archives

It’s a little tricky to find the first time, so here are the directions:

If you’re heading northwest on Research/183 from I-35, Mopac or 360, exit 183 at the Oak Knoll exit, pass through the light at Oak Knoll, and stay on the access road heading north. The next side street off the 183 access road will be Technology Blvd; do not turn on Technology. Immediately after you pass Technology, there will be a driveway on your right (the only one in that area) — Exit into that driveway. There will be a sign overhead for “Forest Plaza.” After you pull in, you’ll have no choice but to go to the left into Forest Plaza. Our building is the back left building within the complex — Suite 302. If you’re heading south on Research/183, you also exit at Oak Knoll, but take the u-turn just before you get to Oak Knoll, get over the right on the northbound access road, and prepare to make the right immediately after Technology Blvd. as in the directions above.

Anomaly Archives On-Line


We are indebted to INACS (Institute for Neuroscience And Consciousness Study) for allowing the Anomaly Archives lending library to reside within their office space. Each month they hold public meetings of their Board of Directors, and their Education & Research Committees. Therefore, there may be occasional months where we must shift / reschedule our monthly meetings to accommodate their priority use of the space.

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Anomaly Archives

PsiOp Radio 165 – 121002


PsiOp-Radio Returns! Mack and SMiles catch-up with each other, covering the latest news and information.

Musical interludes and outerludes:


 UpComing Austin-IONS Events:

Other UpComing Texas Events:



The US Government’s War on Dissent / CenTex Dissent

TSA / Police State / Fed Provocations Agencies

Economic End-Times

Presidential Selection


Click here to view the embedded video.

Crystallize (Violin Dubstep) HD

Surveillance Society

Criminalizing Humanity

Weird Headlines


Listen Free Via Phone 979-282-4126

(Know your calling plan, long-distance fees may apply)

Robert Friend, a former director of the Air Force’s nearly 20-year UFO study, Project Blue Book, says that science should continue looking…”

Mind Kontrol & Human Experimentation and … UFO News?


Books I’m Reading or Recently Read…

Resurrection Express by Stephen Romano

Psychiatry and the CIA: Victims of Mind Control by Harvey M. Weinstein, M.D.

911 As Mass Ritual by S.K. Bain


Drone News

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More Weird Headlines

Blue Rose Reports: Human Trafficking Ignites UT, Lawmakers

War on Some Drugs

More Texas / Southern News


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MODE03 Djunya Uprise

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PsiOp Radio

PsiOp-Radio Returns LIVE Tonight at 7:30pm CST


Join Mack White and SMiles Lewis as they Decode the

Psychological Warfare Machinations

Within the Paranormal and Parapolitical Landscape

Tonight, LIVE, at 7:30 pm Central Standard Time.

We will also be taking calls from listeners like you via the new

Anomaly Radio Network Caller-Line!!



Network Caller-Line:

(512) 271-4836


(512) AR-14-UFO

… or …

Anomaly-Radio One Four U-F-O


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