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Announcing New Anomaly-Radio-Network Series

It is with great pleasure that I announce the launch of several new interactive show series on the Anomaly Radio Network, including the long-anticipated Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interview-Series and Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table Series, featuring our wide array of network show hosts.
Beginning soon, Wednesday nights at 7pm CST, the Anomaly Radio Network will launch a new weekly rotating series of shows designed to allow the network and its many hosts a regular opportunity to speak with each other and the Anomaly Radio Network Audience about the latest and most interesting news. The Anomaly Radio Network plays host to a dozen different radio shows each day and we’d like all our great listeners to have the chance to contribute to the dialog. The ANOMALY RADIO Network has a national TOLL FREE phone number (and local number) and this new rotation of shows will use these caller-lines to allow all of our hosts and their listeners to join us on a regular basis as we discuss the latest paranormal and parapolitical issues confronting humanity. 


(512) 271-4836 aka (512) AR1-4UFO

(877) 513-0792 [TOLL FREE]

Two series of note are the Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interview-Series and Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table Series. These new network shows are intended as a way for all of us to learn more about our fellow broadcasters, and show-hosts, and the various activism, news reporting, and investigative efforts they’re each involved in.
The schedule for all of these special shows is (generally going to be):

Wednesday nights between 7-8pm CST.

Specific series dates will vary but the weekly News Round-Up / Free-For-Alls shall commence shortly.

Thanks for your support of the ANOMALY RADIO Network.
SMiles Lewis

Current Shows & Hosts on Anomaly Radio:
  • The Scott Horton Show with Host Scott Horton (LOCAL)
  • Binnall of America with Host Tim Binnall
  • Expanding Mind with Host Erik Davis
  • The Mind Set with Hosts Gareth Davies, Peter Glynn & Alex Fate
  • Mind Set Radio with Host Peter Glynn
  • Out There Radio with Hosts Raymond Wiley & Austin Gandy
  • Para-Talk with Hosts Gareth Davies & Reeves Cooke
  • PsiOp Radio with Hosts Mack White & SMiles Lewis (LOCAL)
  • Radio Misterioso with Host Greg Bishop
  • Red Ice Creations with Hosts Henrik Palmgren
  • Rise Up Radio & The Liberty Beat with Host John Bush (LOCAL)
  • Journey Into Twilight with Host “Doc” Saul Ravencraft (LOCAL)

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