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Tonight’s show is the first in a new series being featured Wednesday nights on the Anomaly Radio Network. This regular weekly time-slot will feature a rotating series of new live shows with interaction between the network’s (dozen or so) show-hosts and their many listeners utilizing our new…


  • (512) 271-4836 aka (512) AR1-4UFO
  • (877) 513-0792 [TOLL FREE]

Each week the Wednesday night show will showcase a rotating schedule of several new types of shows including:

  • Weekly News Round-Ups
  • Free-For-All Editions 
  • Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interviews
  • Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table Editions
  • Flashback / Radio Reunion Editions
  • … And Other New Shows

Tonight’s inaugural edition of the Weekly Wednesday Show is of the “Weekly News Round-Up” / “Free-For-All” variety, so there’s no telling who will call-in to the show.

Thanks for your support of the ANOMALY RADIO Network.

SMiles Lewis

For more information on this new series of rotating shows, check out the original announcements at the links below:


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