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Anomaly Radio Show-Hosts Interview Series: Tim Binnall

Recorded live 9/18/13


Tim Binnall is the founder of the paranormal think tank Binnall of America, an online coterie that features both an audio program and a talented staff of writers. As host and producer of the critically acclaimed podcast BoA:Audio, he has interviewed a vast array of researchers, spanning a wide spectrum of disciplines and ranging from bonafide esoteric icons to up-and-coming future players in the paranormal milieu.

A graduate of Syracuse University, Binnall aims to maintain an outsider’s perspective on the paranormal world and possesses a keen interest in the personalities and sociology of esoteric studies. He has written for Coast to Coast AM’s After Dark magazine, made numerous radio appearances, and gone into the field to explore the mystifying Bridgewater Triangle in Massachusetts, the elusive Oak Island in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the haunted Whaley House in San Diego.

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