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Micheal Parenti: “The function of that police action, those interventions in Central America and the Middle East, the function is system sustaining. It is to maintain that overall system! And you don’t look at the particular cost. I could demonstrate to you that every single bank robbery, that in every single case practically, the cost of the police was more than the actual money that the robbers took from the bank. Does that mean, ‘Oh, you see, there’s really no economic interest involved, then. They’re not protecting the banks. The police are just doing this because they’re on a power trip, or they’re macho, or they’re control freaks, that’s why they do it.’ No, of course it’s an economic… of course they’re defending the banks. Of course, because if they didn’t stop that bank robbery, regardless of the cost, this could jeopardize the entire banking system. You see, there are people who believe that the function of the police is to fight crime. And that’s not true; the function of the police is social control and protection of property.”


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