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On July 14th, 2014 Scottie Roberts shared a write-up via about a negative interaction he and his wife were subjected to by Londonderry (NH) police employees Christopher Wiggin, Michael McCutcheon, and an unidentified third employee.

On July 15th, 2014 that post, entitled Londonderry, NH Police Officer Badge #51 was made live on the site. It quickly gained traction – over 7,000 shares on Facebook alone, due to the callousness experienced.

Roberts recounted an interaction that focused not on rendering aid during a medical situation (he was experiencing a minor heart attack), but on the failure to comply with an arbitrary dictate (a sticker on the vehicle windshield). The Londonderry police employees were claimed to have exhibited no respect for property rights (per the theft of the cell phone Mrs. Roberts was using to film the encounter), and brashnessness toward those they purport to “serve” (upon spying a Cop Block sticker on Roberts’ vehicle, being told that “CopBlockers make me want to puke”, and later, when Mrs. Roberts called the Londonderry police outfit, she was hung up on).

On July 23rd, 2014 a Google Alert was received that informed me of an update to this situation posted to

That post, entitled Londonderry police chief probing online ‘CopBlock’ allegations, made live the day prior, July 22nd, 2014, is posted below in full, and notes that though no complaint was received by those at the Londonderry Police Outfit, the situation is being looked into.

Will those involved be held responsible for their actions?

Police “investigating” their colleagues definitely does not curtail the perverse incentives inherent within that coercive monopoly, but the court of public opinion can be imperative to focusing attention on the actors involved.

That was the case recently in nearby Seabrook, NH, where two badge-wearing aggressors – Mark Richardson and Adam Laurent – were fired , and two others – Keith Dietenhofer John Wasson – were suspended or demoted, after a video of their treatment of someone being caged was made public.

If you have thoughts or want clarification on the situation described by Scottie Roberts, feel free to inquire of those at the Londonderry Police Outfit: 603-432-1118


Londonderry police chief probing online ‘CopBlock’ allegations
Complaints stemming from a July 14 traffic stop were posted on several websites but weren’t submitted to Londonderry Police, officials said.
Union Leader Correspondent

LONDONDERRY — Complaints concerning two police officers posted on a popular website are now under investigation.

Police Chief Bill Hart said the department hadn’t received a formal complaint regarding the incident earlier this month, but he said he’s treating the case as seriously as any other complaint.

“No one said anything to us,” Hart said during Monday night’s Town Council meeting. “This was posted on the Cop Block site and on Facebook and as soon as we knew about it, we initiated an investigation.”

Hart described Cop Block as “an advocacy site for people holding certain views.”

Cop Block’s website said it is “a decentralized project supported by a diverse group of individuals united by their shared goal of police accountability.”

On July 14, a person identifying himself as Scottie Roberts posted a detailed account of a traffic stop in Londonderry on

The author of the post claimed he and his wife were traveling through town that morning when a police SUV pulled them over.

He said his wife told police she was driving him to the Parkland Medical Center emergency room because of “severe chest pain” and asked them to call an ambulance.

According to the post’s author, the officers refused to call an ambulance and then asked the couple about the clear inspection sticker on their car.

Noting that clear inspection stickers indicate the vehicle had passed a safety inspection but not an emissions test, police allegedly gave the couple a $62 ticket, charging them with operating an uninspected motor vehicle.

The couple claims police also confiscated their cell phone, claiming it was “evidence.”

The poster identified as Roberts also claimed a second request for an ambulance call was dismissed by the police officers he identified as “Wiggins and Sgt. Mccutherson.”

According to the department’s online roster, Officer Christopher Wiggin and Sgt. Michael McCutcheon are current members of the force.

Roberts claimed one of the officers said, “You don’t need no goddamn ambulance,” and after seeing the sticker on their car, sent them on their way saying, “Get out of my face. You Cop Blockers make me want to puke.”

This week, Hart said he wouldn’t be discussing details of the case since it remains under investigation.

However, he stressed the importance of citizens speaking up when it comes to their concerns involving the local police.

“The complaint process is an important one because it’s essentially about strengthening the community’s trust in the police department,” Hart said.

He stressed that “every single complaint made to the police department is reviewed and addressed accordingly.”

According to Hart, complaints against Londonderry officers remain relatively rare.

Last year the department received five complaints Hart described as “internal affairs, noting the department has about 65 employees.



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