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Lets take a break and get our minds off of things what do you say?

Take a journey with some new alternative music on this episode with host Joe Dunn!

Please support the bands we feature by visiting their website, checking out their music and shows.

1. The Post Age – “The Remedy”

2. The Staches – “Crocodile”

3. California X – “Nights In The Dark”

4. The Lukewarm – “Gone”

5. Ripper – “On The Curb”

6. Blood Sister “Dysphoria”

7. Protomartyr – “Why Does It Shake”

8. Dan Mangan + Blacksmith – “Vessel”

9. Silver Blueberry – “I Land In The Desert”

10. The Post Age – “Foo’s Gold”

11. Stereo Off – “Bullet Time”

12. The Lukewarm – “Blue Dreams”

13. Analog – “Working Man”

14. Priests – “USA (Incantations)

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