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Anomaly Radio News RoundUp – Number 1 – 20110408

Anomaly Radio News RoundUp – Number 1 – 20110408

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Headlines found at The Anomalist News-wire:

Anomaly Radio News RoundUp – Number 1 | ANOMALY RADIO.

Anthony Bragalia says Maury Island UFO No Longer a Mystery


by Anthony Bragalia

After six decades the truth has emerged about the infamous Maury Island UFO incident of 1947. It was a hoax. It finds its roots in fiction and fantasy, as revealed in candid and damning interviews with Maury Island UFO “witness” Harold Dahl’s own son and daughter. The hoax is further detailed in a careful re-examination of the “mysterious” figure Fred Crisman.

It is alleged that in June of 1947, seaman Harold Dahl was with his son scavenging for drifting logs near Maury Island in Puget Sound in Washington State when Harold sighted several “donut shaped objects” flying in formation over his boat. He claimed that one of the discs appeared to lose control after being tapped by another disc, spewing out slag and strange pieces of light metal material which hit his boat. The falling UFO debris supposedly injured Harold’s son Charles and killed the family dog. His story was reported to his co-worker Fred Crisman and was later promoted by publisher Ray Palmer.

The event -which has stirred the imaginations of many over decades- was itself born of imagination. It simply never happened. Harold Dahl’s own family and the sage perspective of history now reveal: The only reality about the “incident” was that it was conjured up in the mind of an enterprising and attention-craving 27 year-old schemer and amateur fiction writer.

Read the entire article here: Maury Island No Longer a Mystery: A UFO Hoax Exposed!

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Anomaly News RoundUp, July 9th


Headline Round-Up for July 9th, 2010.

U-F-O  N-E-W-S

Giovanni Pegna’s flying wing

Weather Control


ClimateGate Debunked?

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