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New Study on Why some people remember dreams and others don’t

New Study on Why some people remember dreams and others don’t

By Jasmine Bailey

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Do you often remember your dreams? Or maybe when you’re awake, what went on during sleep remains a mystery. A group of researchers in France conducted a study to find out why some people remember dreams while others don’t.

They studied brain scans of 41 people while they were awake and asleep. They found that high dream recallers, people who remember dreams about five times a week, have a higher level of activity in certain parts of the brain.

​Whether awake or asleep, those participants showed higher activity levels in the medial prefrontal cortex and the temporoparietal junction — areas involved in processing information, including external stimuli. (ViaWikimedia Commons / Ranveig)

The results also showed people who often remember their dreams are more prone to waking up during the night.

“Sleepers who can recall their dreams vividly have twice as much wakefulness during sleep as people who forget them almost immediately, meaning they probably wake up briefly during the night, cementing their dreams into memory.” (Via KMAX)

As the lead researcher explains, the ”​sleeping brain is not capable of memorizing new information; it needs to awaken to be able to do that.” (Via HealthDay News)

According to the study, high dream recallers also have more dreams compared to low recallers — giving them more dreams to remember.

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Oneironauts Journal

Dreams as a MultiDimensional Expression of Psi

Rita Dwyer, BS, CPC, Robert L. Van de Castle, PhD, and Bobbie Ann Pimm

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Our Dreaming Mind by Dr Robert Van de Castle Home Page.

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Oneironauts Journal

Dream Objects

Author: Brendan Kochunas
Date:   09-07-02 03:26

The other night I had a dream, where I went to hunt crow with an air rifle. This wasn’t the focus of the dream but just one of the many events to occur. But I found the crow and shot it as it took off. I hit it and a feather fell from it and other than that feather there was no indication I had hit it. The bird continued normal flight, after being hit. Anyway I was giving an account of this dream to a friend, and it occured to me that I had to find that feather. It came to as a certainty and I did not question it. 2 days later I found the crow feather. I was just walking and there it was in front of me. I’m wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. I’m suspecting that the feather is some type of dream tool, for I know it to be an object that has power in my dream realities. Anyway I would like feedback on similar experiences, and opinions on how I should utilize the feather.

McHajj: Corporate Psych Warfare in the DreamTime

Author: Admin
Date:   01-25-02 15:50

Jaye C. Beldo

The Konformist proudly presents an imaginative serialized work of fiction, McHajj, by Jaye C. Beldo, who tops our list of favorite new underground writers.

“Virtually everything in the Mchajj story comes from a series of prolonged nightmares I have had with little mediation from my conscious mind. Life long exposure to advertising has caused me severe emotional trauma that has yet to be healed, very similiar to what child abuse or growing up in an alcoholic family has done to so many others. The transcriptions of my nightmares that has resulted in the McHajj story remains, to this day, the only way I know how to alleviate the pain of what I have had to endure living in a capital intensive environment.”