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Robert Emenegger – Weapons Of Mass Disinfo

The best image I could get…

Robert Emenegger emerged from the advertising and entertainment industry in the 1960s as a sharp and innovative mind. The United States Department of Defense took notice and asked him and his partner Alan Sandler to produce a few small films on contract. In 1971, they hit him with a bomb: would he like to produce a film on what the Government knew about UFOs and aliens? He would have the full cooperation of the Air Force and other agencies, and they also promised to provide film footage of an actual flying saucer landing at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico sometime in the 1960s.

Who could refuse? Soon, Emenegger was visiting the Pentagon, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and Holloman itself. He was given apparently free reign of the facilities and encouraged to ask anything he wanted. Even Major Donald Keyhoe, who failed to get the U.S. government to open up about the subject in the 1950s, called to say he was outraged that mere civilians were getting access to stories he was never allowed to hear. The film, which was entitled UFOs: Past, Present and Future, was going well.

Just before deadline, an Air Force contact, who had been nothing but cooperative, called to say that they would not be allowed to use the Holloman footage. The climax of the film was ruined and Emenegger had to go with some hastily-produced drawings to describe the story.

Along the way, he saw government scientists blowing holes in concrete walls with lasers, using computers to read human minds, and sophisticated (for the time) 3-D holography. During the interview, I sometimes thought that Emenegger was trying to tell us a little more about advanced technology in the last 50 years than most of us could know or guess.

He also describes a meeting with Col. Phillip Corso in the 1980s when Corso described finding pictures of alien-looking beings in a file cabinet, and how that story may have changed considerably to fit the bill for his sensationalistic 1997 book, The Day After Roswell.

Enjoy this fascinating and rare talk with a little-known figure in the history of the UFO subject.

P.S. Bob was also a major creative force behind the Lancelot Link: Secret Chimp kid’s show of the early 1970s, which I watched faithfully when I was a wee lad. He wrote all of the songs for the show, among other contributions. We talked about this, but for some reason the recording cut off about 5 minutes from the end of the interview. Does someone want to keep Lance Link under wraps!? You decide!

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Radio Misterioso

Radio Misterioso

Time Out For A Music Show!

By special request, the most recent music program from Radio Misterioso (from August 1st) is now posted. The show ends with a reading from a book I’m currently plowing through.

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Radio Misterioso

Radio Misterioso

Andy Colvin: Mothman And Beyond

Colvin (at right) and Walter Bosley at the Killradio studio.

Andy Colvin showed up in L.A. unexpectedly last weekend, so of course I had to ask him on the show. Colvin is the author of three books (and two more in the pipe) on the Mothman phenomenon. All are called The Mothman’s Photographer (I, II and III), a moniker with which Colvin has dubbed himself after repeated personal involvement and synchroncities surrounding the notorious events of 40 years ago in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He also directed a 30-hour documentary on people and events surrounding the phenomenon.

We assumed that our audience is familiar with the “standard” Mothman story, and did not attempt to explain or recap the occurrences. If you are not, please refer to the excellent book by John Keel.

We talked about little-known strangeness connected with the history leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge across the Ohio River in December of 1967. Andy recalls his childhood in the area and the plethora of defense and chemical company employees in the communities surrounding Point Pleasant. Government intrigue and possible efforts at suppressing organized labor in the nearby Union Carbide facility may have fed into the paranoia and a rich local paranormal/ psychic stew.

Colvin muses about semi-famous contactee Woodrow Derenberger and his creepy spaceman friend Indrid Cold, guessing that Cold may have been completely human and employed by industrial concerns to monitor labor unrest in the area under a disguise of strangeness.

Andy also told us about a group of genius-level children in the local schools, one of whom had apocalyptic and prophetic visions which he shared with Colvin and which continue to come true in his life. Other children saw Mothman and Mothman-like entities as well.

My favorite part of Colvin’s outlook is that he doesn’t “believe” any of his research, but remains fascinated by the connections and implications (real, symbolic or otherwise) of what he has found in the last several years.

Sound intriguing? Unbelievable? Paranoia-inducing? You have no idea. Enjoy the episode!

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Radio Misterioso

Radio Misterioso

John Shirley: Less Believer, More Skeptical

The iconoclasitc and prolific writer John Shirley has been a friend of mine for over a decade now. We first met when he noticed me laughing at a line in a David Jacobs lecture at the Orange County MUFON meeting in 1994. While most of the crowd reacted with disapproval, John walked over to my table and introduced himself.

He later wrote a ficitonal piece called “Abducting Aliens” for my magazine, involving a SubGenius wildman who grabs cattle-mutilating aliens and rams things up their rear ends for fun. He used to write a segment on his website called “The Skeptical Believer,” where he examined a multitude of paranormal issues.

Since then, Shirley has written a modern UFO novel (Silicon Embrace), and horror and cyberpunk novels such as Spider Moon, Crawlers, The Other End, and Black Glass. He has also written television, movie, and graphic novel scripts, most notably the script for the original Brandon Lee Crow movie. He was also the recipient of the Bram Stoker award from the Horror Writers of America for his 1998 short story collection entitled Black Butterflies.

For this, John’s second appearance on the show, we talked about his frustration with UFO sightings and researchers, his belief that most if not all crop circles are made with boards and rope, and his interest in esoteric spirtituality such as the writings and teachings of G.I. Gurdjieff. I don’t agree with John on many issues; he appears to take things with more of a grain of salt than I do, but so what? We also discussed the BP oil spill, drug legalization, and his musical accomplishments with Blue Oyster Cult and various punk bands.

John says that his next appearance on Radio Misterioso will be his interview of me. I can’t wait.

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Radio Misterioso

Radio Misterioso

Darren McGovern: Music and Esoterra

Darren has been a friend of mine for a very long time. When we met, we were both embarking on journeys of self-discovery, mainly through the writings of people like Robert Anton Wilson and Israel Regardie. Most listeners of this program know Wilson’s work. Regardie is known as the great scribe and philosopher of the Golden Dawn system of Western Ritual Magick. Both Darren and I were enrolled in schools of Western Occult studies, and realized that it was one of the oldest forms of self-therapy.

Darren has also been a composer/ musician for most of his adult life. We talked about influences on our lives and thinking and Darren played selections from his new CD This Old Life. We also talked about (and listened to) his musical influences such as Captain Beefheart, Robrert Johnson and singer/songwriter Pat MacDonald (formerly of the band Timbuk 3.)

We ended with a discussion about the influence of comedy on our lives and philosophies. I played part of a recording I made of a performance from the legendary Tony Clifton from a couple of weeks before.

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Radio Misterioso

Radio Misterioso

Supergroup: Ecker/ Kimball/ Bosley

L to R: Don Ecker, Rear Admiral Zorgrot, Paul Kimball

Two friends traveled to the studio to join Walter and I for a long (2.5 hour) conversation that ranged far. Don Ecker is best known as the research director for UFO Magazine in the 1990s. He currently hosts Dark Matters Radio, which airs weekdays from 10-midnight PST at Cyberstation USA. Paul Kimball returned for his fourth appearance on the show. Film writer/ producer Paul is probably best known to our audience from his film Best Evidence: The Top 10 UFO Sightings, and his website The Other Side Of Truth.

All of us are currently associated with the Paracast program in various roles as occasional guests or co-hosts. Walter is involved in a small controversy on the Paracast community forums, which we discussed last week, and should be posted soon.

The rare face-to-face meeting of thougthful minds who are all interested in the paranormal gave me an excuse as a host to guide the conversation to areas that I wanted to hear about, such as Don’s stories about middle eastern jinns, Paul’s journey from confirmed skeptic to near-believer during the filming of his latest TV series on ghosts, and Walter’s experiences in the Air Force and FBI. Praise and scorn was also heaped on various personalities in the UFO field.

The show was a lot of fun, Walter brought pizza, I brought beer, and we hope you enjoy the show.

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Radio Misterioso