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Anomaly-Radio LIVE TONIGHT at 7pm CST

The Anomaly-Radio-Network Has Begun its New Weekly Wednesday-Night Series of Rotating-Shows.

Tune-In Wednesday evenings via with these player links …

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… Or Open Flash Player in New Browser Tab with These Links:

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Beginning this month the Anomaly-Radio-Network is hosting a series of different new LIVE shows every Wednesday night. These live shows range from “Weekly News Round-Up” & “Free-For-All” Editions to new “Anomaly Radio Show-Host Interviews” & “Anomaly Radio Show-Host Round-Table” Editions as well as several “Flashback / Radio Reunion” Editions featuring Show-Hosts from past  Anomaly Radio Network shows.


All of these new shows will feature contributions from Past & Present Anomaly Radio Show Hosts PLUS input from YOU the Listeners via the Anomaly Radio Network’s caller-lines:

(512) 271-4836 aka (512) AR1-4UFO

(877) 513-0792 [TOLL FREE]

This week’s Wednesday Show will be of the “Weekly News Round-Up” / “Free-For-All” variety, so there’s no telling who will call-in to the show.

We hope you’ll join us each Wednesday night.

We’ll be taking YOUR CALLS!!!

Thanks for all your support!

 – SMiles Lewis (Founder of the Anomaly Radio Network)

. . .

For more information on this new series of rotating shows, check out the original announcement and inaugural episodes at the links below:

New Spring Schedule at ANOMALY RADIO – Anomaly Audio Network

The ANOMALY RADIO Network Welcomes Spring!

New Hosts, New Shows, New Schedule

New Shows!

New Hosts!

New Spring Schedule!

All Times CST

  • Best of AntiWarRadio @ 1am
  • Radio Misterioso @ 4am
  • The Shadow Hour @ 6am
  • Red Ice Creations @ 7am
  • Disinfo Podcast @ 9am
  • Para-Talk @ 10am
  • AntiWar Radio LIVE Weekdays @ 11am
  • Best of AntiWar Radio Saturday-Sunday @ 11am
  • Expanding Mind LIVE Thursdays @ 1pm
  • Expanding Mind @ 2pm Weekdays
  • Binnall of America @ 3pm
  • Mind Set Central Shows @ 4:30pm Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays & Sundays
  • The Mind Set @ 4:30pm Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
  • Out The Rabbit Hole LIVE Thursdays @ 6pm
  • Out The Rabbit Hole @ 6pm
  • PsiOp Radio LIVE Sundays @ 7pm
  • PsiOp Radio @ 7pm
  • The Black Fridays @ 9pm
  • Radio Misterioso LIVE Sundays @ 10pm
  • Watt From Pedro Show @ 10pm

Find out more at the link below…

New Spring Schedule with New Shows including Cop Block, Mind Set Central podcasts, and The Shadow Hour with Austin’s own Chris Walden | ANOMALY RADIO.