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Should the moon be developed?

Date:   06-11-02 00:54

The Moon Society, a nonprofit organization of astronomers, computer programmers and other scientists, advocate ‘large-scale industrialization and private enterprise’ on the moon.

Should the moon be developed?

Lunar golf courses, largescale industrialization under debate

By Jim Carlton

May 24 — A dispute over prohibiting development on the moon is causing rising tides of controversy on earth.

HR 2977 – Bill to ban Space-Based Mind Control Weapons


Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) introduced a bill in the House of Representatives late last year that would ban weapons in space. But while there have been many similar legislative initiatives in the past, Rep. Kucinich’s bill is distinguished by its unusually expansive definition of “weapons.”

Among the weapons that it would proscribe the new measure includes “psychotronic” devices that are “directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of … mood management, or mind control.”

No explanation for this peculiar proposal was immediately available. But the text of “The Space Preservation Act of 2001″ (H.R. 2977), introduced on October 2, may be found here:

The Kucinich bill was hailed by Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, one of a number of organizations of people who say they are victims of government experimentation involving electromagnetic and other psychotronic weapons. See their web site here:

The bill has been referred to three House Committees.